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CLEANSE - St. Louis Health and Wellness MagazineFor centuries health professionals have oriented toward natural approaches that have emphasized the importance of fasting in order to get the gastrointestinal system balanced and cleanse the body. They suggest that fasting enhances digestion and absorption, strengthening the body’s toxicity and eliminative capacities. They believe that during the fast the body burns up accumulated wastes and self cleans. The inner cleansing process facilitates cellular repair aiding in building and general metabolic functioning.

With improved nutrient absorption, toxin elimination, and cellular metabolism, our whole organism experiences a surge in health and well-being. We enjoy increased vitality, increased resistance to infections, less incidence of chronic degenerative disease, therefore slowing the aging process. Thus leading to a longer, healthier life.

At a glance you might consider these claims to be ex-aggregated, faddish or extreme. In taking a closer look, however, we see that fasting is not radical or outlandish practice. In fact, in its most conservative and common sense form, fasting is what occurs every night when we’re asleep. It’s not without meaning that your mourning meal is called ‘breakfast“.

When the food supply to the body is temporarily curtailed, the entire digestive machinery takes a rest. There is a slow down in hydrochloric acid and pepsin secretions from the stomach, in the liver and intestinal peristalsis. Thanks to the reduction in these metabolic processes, we‘re able to build an energy reserve, some of which is used for the inner process.

This vital self-cleaning activity can’t really take hold when we eat three meals a day, seven days a week, especially when we commonly overeat and frequently snack between meals and eat late at night. How can an oven’s self-cleaning mechanism get to work when the oven is continually cooking? Proteins and fats require three to five hours simply to work their way out of the stomach. When you go to bed an hour or two after dinner or a hearty bedtime snack, do you think that you’ll actually be resting and rejuvenating in your sleep?

According to “nature cure“ concepts, in an overburdened digestive and eliminative system, will not completely breakdown processed food that is retained and stored as cell wastes. These accumulations impair normal metabolic processes, clogging eliminate routes, and resulting in toxicity. This is how excesses do their damage and why so many of the common disease in America today are the result of excess.

How to Fast, Cleanse and Rejuvenate
Check with your health care provider before starting on a fast, to determine if your body can handle abstaining from solid foods.

For more information and direction. Contact Dr. Jenkins for a consultation and treatment plan!

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One-Day Fluid Fast
Consume only water, herb tea, vegetable broth and freshly made juice. A one-day fast is relatively easy, give it a try!

If you are under-weight, you could still fast. Especially if you consume 80 ounces of clean water and juice at least 80 percent of vegetable juice and 20 percent fruit juiced fresh.

If you are unsure if you have diabetes or other metabolic concerns please contact Dr. Jenkins for a cardiovascular screening today!

– Dr. Christy Jenkins -

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